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I’ve been a Project Manager for over 20 years and have successfully overseen all phases of remodeling projects for residential and commercial clients. My personal goal is to consistently exceed client expectations and I have a proven history to deliver on-time & within budget, projects.

Serving in the Military has helped guide my attention to detail and work discipline. Throughout my career I’ve continued with educational programs necessary to keep up to date on current technology, local building codes and requirements. Most importantly, the utmost care is taken when working in a clients home.

Amber Sanders

Amber Sanders

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (focused in Interior Design) from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. With over 10 years of design experience, I am now specializing in kitchen and bath design at Aroma’z Flooring improvement. I strive to provide our customers with one of a kind design experiences that are personalized specifically to all of their wants and needs.

Q: Favorite Quote & What This Means to Her:

A: “Good Design is Obvious; Great Design is Transparent.”
Design inspiration can be found all around you. It could be in as obviously of a place as an HGTV show, social media or magazine. It could be as abstract as the color and shape of a handbag you came across at the mall. The key is to open your mind and try to think about things in a different way…that’s where you find inspiration.

Q: What’s her approach when working with a new customer?

A: Because renovations are intimate experiences, my initial goal is to always create a comfortable conversation where I can truly get to know my client’s taste and vision.

Q: Why did she get into this line of work and what does she like most about it?

A: She’s always been drawn to ways she could express her creativity and discovered a passion for architecture. Interior Design marries these subjects perfectly and Amber quickly found that she really enjoyed collaborating to create environments that improve the quality of life for people both aesthetically and functionally.