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Beautiful and durable as they are, hardwood floors are not impervious to damage. Scratching is perhaps the No. 1 issue for homeowners.

Scratches can occur from pets and their nails, from furniture being pushed across the flooring, from a vacuum cleaners beater bar, from high heels or athletic (cleated shoes). Sunlight can also cause a hardwood floor to fade in spots, creating a blemished pattern. An accumulation of wax or polishes may lead to yellowing. Spills that weren’t properly cleaned up could leave unsightly stains.

Polishing the floor can buff out some minor scratches. In other cases, more extensive work is involved, including sanding. Qualified experts such as Aroma’z Mercer Carpet and Flooring can handle everything from fading to scratches to a major rehabilitation of your flooring.

Maybe you just need a rebuff. Or you might need a complete sanding and refinishing, which will give you the option of changing the floor’s color by choosing a different stain.

Sanding of floors can be delicate work depending on their thickness, so only trust the best to do this work for you.

Let Aroma’z Mercer Carpeting and Flooring help you keep your hardwood flooring looking its best with our refinishing, cleaning and maintenance services.

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