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Carpet creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in a room. Whether you want elegant formality or a casual space for your family to relax there is a carpet that is just right for your home and lifestyle.

Experience our floors first-hand; visit your local Aroma’z Carpet Store and compare the best carpet brands in the industry. Let the experts at Aroma’z Mercer Carpet, Flooring and Home Improvement help you select the best flooring options for your home or business. After all, Aroma’z has the best carpet prices and best rated carpets in New Jersey!

Benefits of Carpet

Carpets are a universally loved surface with so many appealing characteristics. Soft, safe, warm, quiet and durable. Carpets handle wear while being stain resistant. They can also help you save energy!

Carpets are also proven to trap allergens and pet dander, which can easily be removed with the right vacuum. Scientific studies show that carpet fibers, in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particulates, can actually help people with allergies. If allergens are in the carpet, they’re not circulating throughout your home. Using a HEPA-filter vacuum to fully remove such particles from the indoor environment keeps you breathing easy!

Carpets are easy to maintain. Simple care and cleaning will keep your carpet beautiful and give you years of comfort. Carpets have long been the most popular flooring in the United States, and have changed with the times. Floor manufacturers now provide many eco-friendly options for environmentally-conscious consumers. Carpets are one of the lowest emitters of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) among household furnishings and building materials.

Carpets come in patterns ranging from the traditional to the exotic, and in stylish colors like chocolate or mint green. Many consumers use a mix of carpet, hardwood and tile in their homes. Carpet gives you so many options, from traditional to modern.

Main Categories of Carpet

The four main categories of carpet are:

  1. Texture – The velvety look and feel of smoothly cut yarns. May be deeply or lightly textured to create a fresh, easy-care surface.
  2. Twist – The twist is back in this lighthearted carpet trend. It’s relaxed but elegant and sumptuous to the touch.
  3. Loop – Modern interpretation of handcrafted styling. Loop works wonderfully well for active areas, where you want sass and sophistication without worry.
  4. Pattern – Almost an art form. Cut and uncut loops form distinctive designs, for decorating with originality and flair.

Our Process: What to Expect

Our trained installers take the time to install your flooring perfectly: confirming the installation plan with you before starting, vacuuming and cleaning after installation, and conducting a walk-through with you to ensure that we have not just met but exceeded your expectations.

Let the experts at Aroma’z’ Mercer Carpet and Flooring help you select the right carpet for your floor. With 41 years in business, we can provide expert sales information and installation. Our trained installers take the time to do the job right and install your carpet perfectly. We go over the installation plan with you before we start to ensure your satisfaction.

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