You should pay attention to three things when selecting carpeting because they affect both aesthetics and performance: fiber, pile, and style. You want any floor covering to last for a long time, and if you select something appropriately aligned with your needs, you'll be sure of buying a high-quality rug.

Fiber: The very foundation of a rug

The fibers are the materials from which the rug yarns are made, and there are naturals and synthetics. Naturally, many customers ask us which is better, but it ultimately depends on how much you value specific characteristics. For example, environmentalists may be attracted to natural fibers. In contrast, others, especially with large families with kids and pets, may like the tendency of synthetics to be more stain-resistant.

The five most common fibers are wool, nylon; polyester; olefin, and triexta. You don't need to be an expert but familiarize yourself with characteristics to make an informed decision at the carpet store.

Rug pile & style

All rugs start with fibers attached to the backing and either stay that way, such as in the Berber-style or level loop or are cut into various lengths, called piles. Cut piles have short, even yarns that stand up. For example, Saxony is a cut pile, but the threads are a little longer and can be either densely packed to be plush and velvety (Saxony Straight) or textured (Saxony Texture).

Sometimes called “sheepdog rug,” shag is a high pile rug that requires a little more care to keep clean; in mind, it's best for low traffic floors, like the bedroom. Frieze, also a high pile, has yarns that twist so tightly they curl. This durable rug has a casual look that’s great for family rooms.

Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven threads, are more durable, and are easier to keep clean. The cut-and-loop is just as it sounds, with the constructions creating various patterns.

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