5 Myths about Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring installation

If you’re currently considering a new floor for your home, you’ve probably come across a host of options made from laminate. A durable and beautiful choice suitable for any room, laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles, including wood, tile, brick, or stone, and offers a popular option among New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York Tri-State Area homeowners. However, a flood of misconceptions exists about laminate floors that can make it difficult to decipher fact from fiction. To uncover the truth, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design debunks five common laminate flooring myths.

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Carpet Restretching Explained

carpet options in showroom

Your home’s carpets feel great underfoot and make every room more welcoming. That’s why you regularly vacuum rugs and have carpets shampooed to keep them in good condition. But what can be done when lumpy or loose sections appear? The good news is, you may not need to replace your carpet – it just needs to be restretched. To learn more, check out this quick overview of carpet restretching from the Tri-State Area’s flooring experts, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design.

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Vinyl Floors: Resilient, Cost-Effective, and Low Maintenance

vinyl flooring in kitchen

Available in sheets or tiles, vinyl flooring is an attractive choice that features a wide variety of styles, including the look of hardwood, stone, ceramic tile, and brick. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, vinyl flooring also boasts a host of other advantages, making it one of the most popular options on the market. Here, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design breaks down the top vinyl floor benefits to consider when replacing the flooring in your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or New York Tri-State Area home.

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Ceramic or Porcelain Tile? How to Determine Which to Use

tile samples in showroom

There are many great reasons to choose tile floors, from beauty to durability and more. However, you’ll have to make another decision before your floors can be installed: ceramic or porcelain tile? To help you make the right call for your Tri-State Area home or next big project, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic and porcelain tile.

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Proper Care To Maintain Your Laminate Floor’s New Look

laminate flooring

If you’ve just installed new laminate flooring, it can be hard to stop admiring the upgrade to think about cleaning. After all, laminate flooring isn’t just durable – it also beautifies any home! Yet to make the most of your investment, it’s important to give your new floor the care it needs. To help New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York Tri-State Area homeowners learn more about laminate floor care, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design breaks down everything you need to know.

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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

flooring options and finishes

Customizing your space is just one of the many great things about owning a home. Flooring projects, in particular, give you a chance to showcase your style while making every room more comfortable and functional. But with so many types of flooring available, how can you feel confident you’ve chosen the best home flooring? To help you decide, Aroma’z Home & Flooring Design shares a few tips that have helped clients across the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York Tri-State Area find flooring options they love.

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In Preparation for Your Design Consultation

Aroma'z Flooring

1. Dream

Collect some inspiration photos for your new kitchen from magazines, internet, design books, etc.

2. Vent

Jot down some aspects of your current kitchen that you are not fond of and would like to change…both functionally and aesthetically.



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