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Summer Tips for a Clean Carpet all Season

People enjoy the beauty that carpet adds to a home. To get the most enjoyment from your carpet, there are several factors to consider before buying it. You’ll want to discuss with carpet installation experts the different types of carpet that are available. Your choice of material should be made in regard to whether it will be installed in a high traffic area, a child’s room, a busy family room or a seldom used area of your home. Durable, stain resistant carpet is best for a home with kids and pets.

Carpet professionals indicate that there are certain times of the year when it’s more economically feasible to purchase carpet. May and June are considered some of the best months for buying carpet. If you take advantage of slow season deals, you will certainly want to find ways to keep your carpet clean during the active summer months.

One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is to make shoe removal a rule in your house. Create a designated area near the doorway for everyone to put the shoes they’ve been wearing when they were playing outside, gardening or doing lawn care. A good quality doormat can catch a lot of dirt before it enters your home and gets tracked onto your carpet. A clear vinyl runner placed at the doorway or down the hall will also protect your carpet from wet shoes and from excessive traffic.

A good quality vacuum cleaner with a filter that traps the dust from the carpet is essential if you have carpet in your home. You will likely need to increase the frequency of your vacuuming during the summer when kids, pets and guests will frequently be in and out of your home.

Regardless of how often you vacuum, there may still be dirt trapped in your carpet that only a professional carpet cleaning service can remove. After a busy summer, you may also need the help of carpet cleaning professionals to remove some of the stains that remain following a summertime party or a rainy day indoor craft activity.


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