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Laminate Flooring or Hardwood Flooring? Which is Right for you?

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for a room of your home, there are a large variety of options to consider. Flooring options can range from carpet, vinyl, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring, while having endless designs and pattern possibilities. One of the most popular trends that many prefer to have installed is the traditional hardwood flooring, though it has become a costlier option. Since the texture of hardwood flooring is such a desired feature to have in household, laminate flooring has become the go to alternative with its considerable benefits.

With laminate and hardwood flooring having such similar characteristics, it can make the decision process difficult; which is why we outlined the essential details that define each of them-

First and foremost, what are the main differences?

Aside from the bathroom, hardwood floors make an excellent choice for room since it can complement any atmosphere. The two most common choices are solid wood planks and engineered planks, which are generally available at most flooring stores in New Jersey. With the advances in manufacturing and technology, laminate flooring has become a high quality imitation that looks and feels like hardwood flooring.

Here is how they differ in construction:

  • Engineered hardwood floors are made up of a top layer of a real hardwood species and a core, typically consisting of multiple plywood layers laminated together to form a durable plank, or in some cases HDF (high density fiberboard).
  • Solid type is made from a single piece of timber that has been milled to a uniform size, and they do not contain a core or underlying layer.

What are the benefits that come with each?

Laminate flooring does have a few features that outweigh the benefits of real hardwood flooring, especially in terms of cost and installation. Laminate hardwood flooring is fabricated with built-in tongue and groove joints, which often makes it easier and less expensive to install, and there is no need for messy glues or adhesives. Because most laminate floors are factory pre-finished, they are capable of being used the moment it has been laid in place.

One of the characteristics laminate flooring is incapable of matching, is the durability of a hardwood floor. With the capability of lasting more than 50 years, hardwood floors can also be refinished at any time, making them look as though they were brand new again.


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