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How To Keep Flooring In Good Shape For The Summer

It’s summer, which means sun, sand, water, friends and fun. But all that fun can follow you inside, wreaking havoc on your flooring. Water, depending on what type it is, can cause a lot of trouble. Sand can leave scratches on your wood floors, get caught up in carpeting, and generally make a mess. Parties are great fun, and a summer must, but that can mean spills and stains.

Whether it is linoleum or hardwood, your flooring can take a beating from wet feet. Try to keep those feet off your hardwood floor if possible. Vinyl or laminate flooring can be slick when wet, so keep a dry towel nearby to avoid slips and spills. If you find water on your carpet flooring, make sure to use a shop-vac, or mildew can set in.

Sun is fun, but humidity is not. When the humidity level goes above 55% moisture can set into hardwood flooring and cause it to buckle and swell. Using a humidistat can tell you when the levels get too high. When it does, a dehumidifier can save you tons of money on repairs, or worse, new flooring. Also, to avoid discoloration on anything from carpet to hardwood from the sun make sure blinds and windows stay closed.

Sand can scratch and mar hardwood floors or linoleum. So make sure to keep a good mat or rug at any entrances to trap sand or dirt. And having a vacuum or broom at the ready is handy, too. And bare feet in the summer are fun, just make sure everyone knows to wipe off their feet before they come in.

Flowers and indoor plants are great, but they can be a mess, too. Plastic mats underneath hanging plants or free standing indoor plants can protect from stray soil, falling leaves or flowers, and excess water.

And then there are the parties. Make sure to keep felt pads on the legs of furniture to stop it from scratching the floor whenever it gets rearranged for a get together. Hardwood flooring is lovely, when it is free from scratches. Make sure heavy objects are secure so tile flooring doesn’t get cracked from a falling object. And again, a shop vac can be a life saver when it comes to spilled food or drink.


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