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Basement Refinishing Trends 2014

Refinishing your basement can increase your living space in a variety of ways. In fact, you may have so many ideas and options that you need the help of a professional in the home improvement field to help you devise a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and design style. Local professionals are knowledgeable about the permits and codes in that area. They can guide you through a basement refinishing project so that it can be completed in the most stress-free manner possible.

A popular trend, involves transforming an unused basement or one that is currently an unfinished storage space into an attractive and functional gathering place for the family. Adding hardwood flooring to the living area is an ideal way to create a division of space from a carpeted or foam tile play area or a tiled exercise area. Hardwood flooring is available in such an extensive variety of colors, textures and finishes that it is easy to find one that complements your new living space.

For the sports enthusiast, an unfinished basement could become a man cave or sports lounge. As you consult with professionals in to plan your space, they may suggest that you use hardwood flooring in the lounge area as a way to add visual warmth to the space. The bar area could include tile flooring in a color that complements the hardwood.

A popular basement refinishing trend for 2014 involves the creation of a media room. A media room could become a popular location for family night activities. Your teenager would love to claim this space whenever they have friends over.

Creating multi-purpose areas in the basement is another popular basement refinishing trend. Typically, this plan includes a space that is designed as a play area for kids and a more mature relaxation area for adults. Some designs also include an exercise area. An additional bedroom and bath could be part of your refinishing project. This space could be used as a guest room or as part of the multi-generational home design trend.

Many unused basements are now being transformed into an exquisite, elegant and sophisticated entertainment space that includes high end, modern or contemporary style living room furniture, a modern design game area and a sophisticated bar area. The beauty of hardwood makes it an excellent flooring choice for this type of refinishing project.


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